We are a circle of British Soay Breeders, located in all parts of the USA, who are dedicatedewe with twins to the conservation of this very special flock of sheep.
We are all members of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in the UK, all of our sheep are registered members of the Trust’s Combined Flock Book , UK (not to be confused with the Open Flock Book, a private American database) and British Soay are the only sheep that each of us keeps to avoid the possibility of accidental cross breeding.  Further we are committed to preserving this flock as best we can to represent the sheep as they are found on their native St. Kilda islands, Scotland.

We  are all dedicated  in our effort to save this breed in America and to introduce them to a wider audience.  Some of us show, some of us teach, some of us spin and some of us farm.  We each bring a different perspective and interest to this project but all share the goal of Soay conservation.   

For more information please email:

1.  Christine Williams, Overseas Advisor Wales UK,

2.  Val Dambacher, Oregon   Advisor,

3.  Laura Lane-Unsworth,  Maryland

4.  Kathy Comeau, Wisconsin

5.  Nancy Gaedke, Wisconsin

6.  Daryl Riersgard,  Nevada

7.  Shelley Bouyea,  New York

8.  Kirk and Claudia Bowen, Wisconsin  

9.  Jessica Puckett, Wisconsin

10.  C.J. & Robin van der Merwe, Iowa

11. Heath & Liz Foott, Oregon,

12.  Carol & Jay Jenson, Wisconsin,